Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization

Provides emergency response to environmental spills and releases; oversees investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites; and provides assistance and guidance for clean up and reuse of brownfield sites.



April 8, 2014
  • View the new Community Brownfield Funding Resources webpage. This webpage provides a list of various sources of assistance available to communities for assessment, remediating, and redeveloping brownfield sites.
February 18, 2014
January 27, 2014
  • Effective January 22, 2014, ALS Environmental (CL0022) of Cincinnati, Ohio received certification for the analysis of Mercury on soil vapor and air. Please contact ALS Environmental for more information.
November 21, 2013
November 14, 2013
September 6, 2013
August 16, 2013
  • Submit your presentation proposal for the 2014 Ohio Brownfield Conference. Submittals for this Call for Presentations must be received no later than the close of business on Nov. 15, 2013. Presentations submitted after that date will not be considered for the conference.
August 15, 2013
June 25, 2013
  • Read the latest SABR Newsletter for updates on PDHU courses, the 2014 Ohio Brownfield Conference, JobsOhio/Clean Ohio Interim Program and more!
May 30, 2013
  • View our new Summaries of CNS Projects web page. Find summaries of covenants not to sue (CNSs) issued by Ohio EPA in recent years, including historical use, types of contamination, applicable standards, remedies or land use restrictions, any state cleanup funds received, plans for redevelopment and photos.
April 18, 2013
April 12, 2013
  • The Clean Ohio Brownfield Revitalization Fund programs have leveraged over $10.00 of investment per grant dollar through the redevelopment of over 380 former commercial and industrial properties.If you have a project and would like to discuss funding opportunities please contact the JobsOhio Network Partner for your area.

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What We Do

The Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization (DERR) handles the investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites, including RCRA corrective action and closure, VAP, federal facilities, Superfund and remedial response. DERR provides emergency response and oversight of environmental emergencies, spills, incidents and releases, as well as emergency preparedness assistance. DERR also provides assistance and guidance to communities and private entities interested in assessment, clean up and reuse of brownfield sites.

Mission Statement

The Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization protects human health and improves the quality of the environment for present and future generations through the prevention, identification, investigation, regulation and remediation of chemical and petroleum hazards in all environmental media.

Long Term Goals

  • Determine that sites are safe for their intended use.
  • Effectively and efficiently respond to the sudden releases of contaminants that may negatively impact Ohio's environment.
  • Achieve integration of DERR's clean up programs with voluntary, involuntary and sudden release approaches.
  • Define and identify Ohio's contaminated sites that DERR will address.
  • Secure adequate infrastructure to effectively and efficiently administer Ohio's clean up program. (Assumes response is a part of the integrated clean up program.)
  • Administer an effective and efficient prevention program which results in fewer releases to Ohio's environment.

Division Programs

  • Emergency Response
    Minimizes the impact of spills and releases to the environment and makes sure they are properly cleaned up
  • Federal Facilities
    Oversees the investigation, remediation and stewardship activities at federal cleanup sites in Ohio (Department of Energy and Department of Defense sites)
  • Radiological Emergency Preparedness
    Provides Ohio EPA staff with radiological technical advice and provides the Ohio Utility Radiological Safety Board (URSB) with environmental expertise
  • RCRA - Corrective Action and Closure
    Oversees RCRA hazardous waste facility closures and RCRA corrective actions
  • Remedial Response
    Investigates the nature and extent of historical hazardous waste releases in Ohio and determines whether or not these sites represent a risk to human health or the environment and therefore require cleanup
  • Site Assessment
    Provides on-site sampling and assessment assistance, including collection of surface soil samples, ground water monitoring well samples, residential well samples, surface water and sediment samples and ecological assessments
  • Site Assistance and Brownfield Revitalization
    Facilitates brownfield redevelopment through funding along with outreach and education and provides technical support to the Clean Ohio Fund and JobsOhio Revitalization Fund projects
  • Voluntary Action Program
    Gives individuals a way to investigate possible environmental contamination, clean it up if necessary and receive a promise from the State of Ohio that no more cleanup is needed

Division Resources


Whitehouse, Peter Chief 614-644-2896
Kavalec, Tiffani Assistant Chief
Robertson, Frank Manager, Information Technology 614-644-2306
Zwissler, Lisa Executive Secretary 614-644-2068

Allen, Michael Risk Assessment Supervisor 614-644-2322
Armstrong, Gavin Site Investigation Field Staff 614-836-8762
Batin, Bill Site Investigation Field Staff 614-836-8754
Beal, Sarah Risk Assessment 614-644-2972
Burke, Justin Federal Facilities 614-644-2902
Busalacchi, Dawn Risk Assessment 614-644-3537
Herlocher, Kurtis Cost Recovery, Enforcement 614-728-1310
Jones, Kelvin Site Investigation Field Support 614-836-8758
Kaletsky, Kelly ACRE Supervisor - CNS, PAYGO, VAP Fees, VAP MOA Track 614- 644-2304
Kavalec, Tiffani ACRE Manager 614-644-3538
LeGalley, Erin
Risk Assessment
Link, Ed Site Investigation Field Support 614-836-8760
Martin, Jeff Site Investigation Field Staff, Site Assessment (State) 614-836-8820
Osborne, Chris Site Investigation Field Unit Supervisor, Site Assessment (Federal) 614-836-8756
Patchen, Emily Long Term Stewardship and Rules Coordinator 614-728-5441
Poole, Sydney Voluntary Action Program 614-644-3751
Rasik, Carrie Risk Assessment 614-644-2324
Reinbold, Karl Site Investigation Field Staff 614-836-8755
Rickrich, Mark Cost Recovery, Enforcement 614-644-2305
Rush, Audrey Risk Assessment 614-644-2286
Sainey, Eric Voluntary Action Program 614-644-2309
Shook, Lisa Risk Assessment 614-644-2295
Sigler, Tori Site Investigation Field Staff 614-836-8757
Tucker, Brian NRDA 614-644-3120
Vorwerk, Wendy Site Investigation Field Staff 614-836-8759
Wander, Jeff Site Investigation Field Staff 614-836-8753

Billman, Jodi Orphan Drum Coordinator 614-836-8761
Clayton, Zack Radiological 614-644-3066
Clouse, Kevin Assistant Chief/ER Program Manager 614-836-8752
Holmes, Chris Duty Officer 614-644-2078
Lauck, Greg Duty Officer 614-644-3199
Mehl, Jim ER Supervisor 614-644-2080
Stanwick, Cindy ER Data Coordinator 614-644-2084
Taylor, Todd Duty Officer 614-644-3198

Barr, Jackie Administrative Supervisor 614-644-2287
Crumiell, Demitria
Front Desk Receptionist
Edwards, Angela Records Manager 614-728-1298
McCloskey, Terri Fiscal Officer 614-644-2275
Marshall, Susie Account Clerk 614-644-2342
Snyder, Steven Fiscal Officer 614-644-2076

Christman, Tim ARARs, Engineering 614-644-2297
Hagen, Erik Environmental Specialist 614-644-3173
Lim, Ed Engineering Section Manager 614-644-2824
Vogel, Don Environmental Specialist 614-644-4826

Buchan, T.J. DERR Webmaster 614-644-2079
Cica, Vlad Clean Ohio Fund (CORF & COAF) 614-644-2276
Oravec, Megan Training Coordinator 614-728-1749
Pallos, Ildi Brownfield Financial Incentives (Federal & State), CP Initial Training, Fact Sheets and Publications and Newsletters 614-644-2086
Shoemaker, Kevin CP & CL Certifications and CP Professional Development Hour Units (PDHUs) Approvals 614-644-2316
Smith, Martin BUSTR Class C Program, Brownfield Grant, Green Building and Targeted Brownfield Assessments (TBA) 614-644-4829
Stanley, Darlene Voluntary Action Program (VAP) Laboratory Certification 614-644-3748
Tjoelker, Dan Clean Ohio Fund (CORF & COAF) 614-644-3750
Yersavich, Amy SABR Manager - Brownfield Grant, Ohio Brownfield Conference 614-644-2285