Office of Special Investigations

The Office of Special Investigations is the criminal investigative branch of Ohio EPA. Their investigations span all of Ohio EPA's environmental programs.

Special Investigations

The office works in partnership with other state and federal agencies to investigate activities that may criminally violate state or federal environmental laws or regulations, such as:
  • illegal disposal or abandonment of waste (solid waste, hazardous waste and construction and demolition debris);
  • burial of waste at unpermitted locations;
  • unpermitted discharges into waters of the state or to wastewater treatment plants;
  • unpermitted emissions of air pollutants;
  • open burning;
  • bypassing treatment systems;
  • filling of wetlands;
  • “rip and tear” asbestos projects;
  • falsification of documents such as manifests, waste receipt logs and monthly operating reports; and,
  • making false statements to regulatory personnel.

Investigations may lead to enforcement against individuals or facilities.