Division of Drinking and Ground Waters

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What We Do

The Division of Drinking and Ground Waters ensures compliance with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and evaluates potential threats to source waters that supply Ohio's more than 4,800 public drinking water systems. The division has a lead role for statewide ground water protection in cooperation with other state and federal agencies, implements a ground water quality monitoring program, and provides technical assistance to the Agency's waste management divisions.

Mission Statement

Protect human health and the environment by characterizing and protecting ground water quality and ensuring that Ohio's public water systems provide adequate supplies of safe drinking water.

Vision Statement

The citizens of Ohio know that their drinking water, whether it comes from wells or surface water, is safe to drink. Everyone in the state can easily obtain information about the quality of drinking water and ground water in their area, their region and the entire state.

Guiding Principles

  • Develop and support innovative, practical, and effective solutions.
  • Exercise sound, professional judgement in decision making.
  • Actively use our mission, vision, and guiding principles in our decision making.
  • Continually strive to improve the quality of our work.
  • Recognize quality work in each other and our customers.
  • Provide consistent, timely service to internal and external customers.
  • Treat each other and our customers with courtesy and respect.
  • Practice basic principles of positive human interaction, cooperation, teamwork, and honesty.
  • Encourage employee pride, self improvement, and self motivation.
  • Utilize all of the training and tools available to effectively perform our job duties.
  • Actively participate in the Agency's strategic management process.
  • Integrate and promote pollution prevention activities.
  • Support and promote environmental education for the public.

About the Drinking Water Program

The Division's Drinking Water Program manages the federally delegated drinking water program and implements both state and federal Safe Drinking Water statutes and rules adopted under these laws. To carry out the program, the Division:  

  • Develops rules which match U.S. EPA regulations and are at least as stringent as the federal rules;
  • Conducts inspections of water treatment plants, storage, and distribution systems to ensure proper construction and operation;
  • Informs Public Water Systems (PWSs) of their monitoring and reporting requirements under the law;
  • Tracks systems' compliance with rules by reviewing their self-monitoring reports and the analytical results of their water sampling;
  • Takes appropriate enforcement action for failure to comply with Ohio's safe drinking water laws and regulations;
  • Collects and tracks data regarding various activities and reports appropriately to the federal government.

 Drinking Water Staff also:

  • Inspects and certifies laboratories to ensure proper analysis of drinking water samples;
  • Reviews plans for new or modified PWSs, provides technical assistance to PWSs to help them operate properly and achieve and maintain compliance;
  • Evaluates water plants to determine which classification of certified operator is required to properly operate the plant;
  • Administers the water and wastewater operator certification program;
  • Responds to emergencies such as chemical spills or floods which either threaten a source of water or causes a treatment plant to be out of operation;
  • Responds to and investigates complaints of contaminated drinking water or water borne disease.

About the Ground Water Program

The Division's Ground Water Program:  

  • Oversees implementation of the Ohio Ground Water Protection and Management Strategy which serves as a guide to all state programs with ground water related responsibilities to help ensure coordinated and comprehensive protection and management of the state's ground water resources;
  • Manages and promotes participation in Ohio's Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) Program which helps to ensure the present and future availability of safe drinking water for public water system consumers;
  • Manages the State's Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program which regulates the types and amounts of waste that can be injected into underground geologic formations;
  • Monitors, through sampling and analysis, the quality of ground water found in the various geologic regions around Ohio;
  • Conducts specialized monitoring studies to identify ground water contamination problems, determines cause and effect relationships, and recommends strategies for preventing contamination;
  • Works with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio EPA's Division of Surface Water to identify, quantify, and remediate the adverse impacts on ground water caused by non-point source activities such as feed lot operations, and agricultural applications of fertilizer and pesticides;
  • Administers the State Coordinating Committee on Ground Water to enhance coordination among state agencies.

In addition to the above mentioned direct activities, the Division's Ground Water Program acts as a consultant to other divisions in the Agency on all matters relating to ground water. This work is carried out under memorandums of understanding which spell out what work will be done by each party and the amount of funding that the contracting division will provide the Ground Water Program. The contracting divisions are:

Additionally, technical assistance is provided to other agency and State programs (e.g., the Division of Surface Water, the Drinking Water Program, the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR)), industry, public officials and the general public on various ground water programs, ground water quality, hydrogeology and other related information.

Programs in the Division of Drinking and Ground Waters

The Division of Drinking and Ground Waters oversees several programs that protect Ohio's drinking and ground waters. They include:

Division of Drinking and Ground Water Programs

The largest section of DDAGW is involved with overseeing public water systems.

Public Water Systems

  • Comprehensive list of information pertaining to public water system operating and compliance.

Capability Assurance

  • Ensures public water systems have the technical, managerial and financial capability to ensure long term compliance with all public drinking water regulations.

Enforcement - Public Water Systems

  • Actions taken against public water systems for violations of Safe Drinking Water Rules.

Engineering and Plan Approval

  • Plan reviews and guidance for drinking water facilities, backflow prevention, and cross-connection control. 

Financial Assistance

  • Coordinates several programs that offer below market rate loans to eligible public water systems to fund improvements to eliminate public health threats and ensure compliance with federal and state drinking water laws and regulations. 

License to Operate (LTO)

  • In Ohio, public water systems (PWSs) are required to obtain a license to operate from Ohio EPA. The license to operate indicates the PWS is approved by the Agency to supply drinking water to the public, and must be prominently displayed at the facility. PWS are required to renew their license every year.

Security and Emergency Preparedness

  • Tools and resources to help water systems prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergency events 

Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting 

  • Includes public water system monitoring and guidance, monitoring schedules, and how to report water quality results to the Ohio EPA (electronic data reporting).


Laboratory Certification

  • Finding a certified lab, how to become a certified lab, reporting data, 'Pipeline' newsletter

Operator Certification

  • Certifies water and wastewater system operators to ensure public water and wastewater systems are operated by properly trained and qualified individuals


  • Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rules administered by the Division of Drinking and Ground Waters are located on the Rules page

Policies and Guidance

  • Currently effective policy and guidance documents related to the safe drinking water program are included on the Rules page

Source Water Assessment and Protection

  • Also known as "Wellhead Protection" and "Drinking Water Source Protection", the Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) Program assists public water suppliers with protecting sources of drinking water (streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and aquifers) from contamination

Public Drinking Water Supply Beneficial Use

  • Collaboration between the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act to ensure public water systems produce safe drinking water using only conventional treatment, resulting in reduced financial cost to communities and minimized risk to human health

Underground Injection Control

  • The UIC program is responsible for the regulation of Class I, IV and V injection wells, and for assuring that their operation does not contaminate underground sources of drinking water.

Ground Water Quality Characterization Program

  • Characterizes ambient ground water quality conditions, identifies ground water contamination, and recommends strategies for preventing contamination

Ground Water Support to Ohio EPA Programs

  • Provides technical assistance to the public, regulated community, other governmental entities and other Ohio EPA Divisions concerning ground water related issues

Technical Guidance Manual for Hydrogeologic Investigations and Ground Water Monitoring (TGM)

  •  The TGM identifies technical considerations for performing hydrogeologic investigations and ground water monitoring at potential or known ground water pollution sources.


Contacts in the Division of Drinking and Ground Waters

Baker, Mike  Chief  614-644-2752
Eggert, Mike  Assistant Chief - Ground Water  614-644-2752
Messer, Beth  Assistant Chief - Drinking Water  614-644-2752
Fiscal and Office Administration
Haritos, Nick  Fiscal Officer  614-728-1220
Bodnar, Susie  Administrative Assistant  614-644-2752
Eisert, Brandi  Receptionist  614-644-2752
Meador, Linda  Fiscal Specialist  614-644-2758
Sellu, Flo  Office Assistant  614-644-2752
Information Management
Magni, Rick  Manager  614-644-2772
Brewster, Tab  Programmer  614-644-2764
Tarver, Brian  Electronic data reporting, Web  614-728-1740




Compliance Assurance Section
Kaloz, Holly Manager



Chemical Monitoring and Enforcement

Kelleher, Todd Supervisor, Chemical Monitoring, Enforcement


Deal, Mike Volatile Organic Compounds, Disinfection By-products 


Pinto, Kathy Inorganic Chemical Monitoring


Sheahan, Mark
Revised Total Coliform Rule, Ground Water Rule
Sheeran, Wendy Nitrate, Synthetic Organic Compounds, Radiologicals 614-644-2752
Lager, Christel Enforcement 614-644-2752

Compliance and Enforcement, Rules, Web Management

Spangler, Julie Supervisor, Enforcement, Rules


Baughman, Ken Lab Enforcement, Lead and Copper Rule 614-644-2915
Baughman, Susan License to Operate, Rules, Compliance Education, Web
Flottman, Ruthanne Enforcement 614-644-2761
Speakman, Anne Enforcement
Sullivan, Laura Enforcement, Rules, Outreach, Web Content, Harmful Algal Blooms
Engineering, Loans, and Operations

Schell, Susan




Drinking Water Plant Operations

Riley, Dave

Drinking Water Plant Operations, Security

Capability Assurance    
Stephenson, Sean

Capability Assurance



Operator Certification

Barienbrock, Andy Operator Certification 614-728-1216
OP CERT HOTLINE   866-411-6728
Davis, Deidra Operator Certification, Exams


Dingman, Jessica Approved Contact Hour Training Provider Program 614-728-1226
Parkins, Susan Contact Hours, Operator Certification, Advisory Council



Drinking Water Assistance Fund

Brock, Christine Drinking Water Assistance Fund, Capability Assurance 614-644-2914
Hogan, Monica SRF Loan, Capability Assurance




Arduini, John Plan reviews, Membranes 614-644-3049
Bansal, Sanjay Surface Water Treatment, Membranes


Lucente, Maria Backflow Prevention, Arsenic Treatment


Prakash, Sanjeev Ground Water Treatment, Corrosion Control


Stottsberry, Judy Surface Water Treatment, Self-Certification


Water Quality Characterization and Protection
Patzke, Jeff Manager



Source Water Assessment and Protection

Lubberger, Barb Source Water Protection 614-644-2863
Raymond, Heather Source Water Protection, Karst, Harmful Algal Blooms
Slattery, Linda Source Water Protection, Ground Water Quality, Web 614-644-4902
Smith, Craig Source Water Protection Planning, Source Water Regulations, Geothermal Wells



Water Quality Characterization

Kenah, Chris Sensitive Aquifers, Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule


Slattery, Michael Ground Water Quality, Ambient Ground Water Monitoring Network 614-728-1221
 Ground Water Technical Assistance
Taliaferro, Lindsay Manager 614-644-2771

Solid and Infectious Waste Landfills

Churchill, Stephen Statistics, Residual and Industrial Landfills


Musser, Kathy Ground Water Compliance, Solid Waste Facilities 614-644-3140
Sutliff, Scott Municipal Landfills, C&DD Facilities 614-644-2739

Underground Injection Control

Lowe, Chuck Class 1 and CO2 Injection Wells, Inneos Chemical, Vickery Environmental 614-644-2894
Orr, Valerie Class IV and V Injection Wells, Aquifer Remediation Wells 614-644-3125
Stottsberry, Jess Class V Injection Wells, AK Steel-Middletown, Class 1 Permit Applications 614-644-3556

Hazardous Waste Management

Rader, Katie RCRA Hazardous Waste Facilities, Data Validation



Voluntary Action Program

Koenig, Lisa Voluntary Action Program, Ground Water Technical Guidance


Drinking Water Program    

Jose Quinones


(614) 728-3869

Anderson, Katie

Environmental Specialist 2

(614) 728-3863

Boden, Mark

Environmental Specialist 2

(614) 728-3871

Kraner, Scott


Environmental Engineer 2


(614) 728-3866 

Marchio, Bridgette

Environmental Specialist 3

(614) 728-3870

Shesky, Raymond

Environmental Specialist 2

(614) 728-3874

Zhang, Julia

Environmental Specialist 2 

(614) 728-5033 

DDAGW Fax Number


(614) 728-0160



Ground Water Program    

James, Cal


(614) 728-3875

Bondoc, Michael

Geologist 3

(614) 728-3872

Byerly, Sarah

Geologist 3

(614) 265-6769

Morrow, Tim

Geologist 3

(614) 995-5525

Reed, Jason

Geologist 4

(614) 728-3873

Drinking Water Program

Rice, Nancy


(330) 963-1195

Difranco, Stivo


(330) 963-1280

Underwood, Dan


(330) 963-1113 

Bopple, Stephen

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1199

Bowland, Dave

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1236

Etters, Kim

Administrative Professional 2

(330) 963-1114

Hammar, Charlotte

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1242

Henn, Bob

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1248

Karney, Anne

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1202

Korenewych, Pam  Environmental Specialist 2 (330) 963-1237 
Ljubi, Laurel  Environmental Specialist 2 (330) 963-1182 

Madis, Beth

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1194

Maschak, Dave

Environmental Specialist 3

(330) 963-1173

Maslo, Chris

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1164

Metropulos, Kathy

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1149

Moegling, Scott

Environmental Specialist 3

(330) 963-1277

Musselman, Ursula

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1227

Nicholas, Deborah

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1178

Otten, Leslie

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1235

Rychlik, Leonard

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1121

Vijayvargiya, Ramniwas

Environmental Specialist 2

(330) 963-1106



Ground Water Program

 Adams, Eric



 Rahman, Atiur


 (330) 963-1158

 Amey, Kat  Geologist 3  (330) 963-1289

 Epp, Kathryn

 Geologist 3

 (330) 963-1233

 Houck, John  Geologist 3  (330) 963-1177

 Kroenke, Mark

 Geologist 4

 (330) 963-1225

 Kurlich, Diane

 Geologist 3

 (330) 963-1150

 Kurlich, Rich

 Geologist 3

 (330) 963-1153

 McCambridge, Conni

 Geologist 3

 (330) 963-1263

 Rizzo, Jeff

 Geologist 3

 (330) 963-1115

Drinking Water Program    

Ellen Gerber


(419) 373-3046

Linda Benham

Environmental Supervisor

(419) 373-4117

Paul Brock, P.E.

Engineering Supervisor

(419) 373-3152

Ames, Beth

Environmental Specialist 2

(419) 373-3107

Baker, Ralph

Environmental Engineer 2 

(419) 373-3048

Bowerman, Justin

Environmental Specialist 3 

(419) 373-4119

Burnham, Kimberly

Environmental Specialist 2 

(419) 373-3102

D'Amico, Janis

Environmental Specialist 2 

(419) 373-3108

Eldridge, Curt

Environmental Specialist 2 

(419) 373-3105

Khaleq, Musa

Environmental Engineer 2 

(419) 373-3103

Leggett, Tyler  Environmental Specialist 2  

McKee, Clayton

Environmental Specialist 2 

(419) 373-3007

Schiefer, Jill

Environmental Specialist 2 

(419) 373-3089

Sidle, Julie

Administrative Professional 2 

(419) 373-3144



 Ground Water Program

 Fishbaugh, Tim


 (419) 373-3094

 Beal, Mike

Geologist 3

 (419) 373-3093

 Brock, Ken

Geologist 4

 (419) 373-3143

 Kroeger, Richard

Environmental Specialist 2

 (419) 373-4101

 McLane, Dale

Geologist 3 

 (419) 373-3099

 Skrzyniecki, Randy

Geologist 3 

 (419) 373-3149

 Sokoloski, William (Pete)

Geologist 3 

 (419) 373-4100

 Stuckey, George

Geologist 3

 (419) 373-3096

 Weaver, John

Geologist 4 

 (419) 373-3098

 Zajkowski, Chad

Geologist 3

 (419) 373-3097



Drinking Water Program

Barth, Janet



(740) 380-5250

Baltzer, James



(740) 380-5232

Carpenter, Taylor

Environmental Specialist 2

(740) 380-5216

Carper, Michael

Environmental Specialist 2

(740) 380-5299

Flagg, Russell

Environmental Specialist 3

(740) 380-5229

Haggy, Rex

Environmental Specialist 2

(740) 380-5436

Hart, Eric

Environmental Specialist 2

(740) 380-5274

Prim, Debra

Environmental Specialist 2

(740) 380-5421

Wallace, Sarah

Environmental Specialist 2

(740) 380-5207

Wilkins, Jamie

Administrative Professional 2

(740) 380-5446



Ground Water Program

Williams, Steve



 (740) 380-5221

Hunt, David

Geologist 4 

 (740) 380-5290

Laughery, Joseph

Geologist 3 

 (740) 380-5234

Lowry, Steve Geologist 3   (740) 380-5231

Reed, Ben

Geologist 3 

 (740) 380-5442

Saines, Steve

Geologist 4 

 (740) 380-5445

Snyder, Doug

Geologist 3 

 (740) 380-5286

Drinking Water Program

Davidson, Jeff


(937) 285-6115

Stine, Dan


(937) 285-6117

Cloyd, Dan

Environmental Specialist 3

(937) 285-6844

Darden, Tya

Environmental Specialist 2

(937) 285-6085

Fox, Kathy

Environmental Specialist 2

(937) 285-6446

Haensel, Mariano

Environmental Specialist 2

(937) 285-6113

Hayes, Gina

Environmental Specialist 2

(937) 285-6118

McDaniel, John

Environmental Specialist 2

(937) 285-6117

McGuinn, Mary

Data Systems Coordinator 1

(937) 285-6116

Moore, Bob

Environmental Specialist 2

(937) 285-6476

Osika, Dan

Environmental Specialist 2

(937) 285-6451

Stark, Jeff  Environmental Specialist 3  (937) 285-6114 

Verbsky, Mark

Environmental Specialist 2

(937) 285-6417



 Ground Water Program

 McGinnis, John


(937) 285-6449

 Brown, Greg

Geologist 3

(937) 285-6407

 Cavender, Jay

Geologist 3

(937) 285-6448

 Justice, Matt

Geologist 3 

(937) 285-6040

 Reed, Allison

Geologist 4 

(937) 285-6447



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