Data Reporting

Reporting Requirements and Form Submission for Public Water Systems and Certified Laboratories

Results of water samples are reported to Ohio EPA by public water systems and certified laboratories to demonstrate that the water meets health-based standards. Samples are required to be taken in accordance with the public water system's monitoring schedule. Public water systems (PWSs) are required to maintain records of the system's operations. Most systems are required to submit monthly operational reports (MORs) documenting the day to day activities and sampling throughout each month.

In July 2010, the division implemented electronic drinking water reports (eDWR) for submitting drinking water data. The system allows for PWSs to report their MORs and for laboratories to report their chemical and microbiological sample results over the internet. This reporting system is entirely web-based and accessible via any internet connection. It is accessed through the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center, which is EPA's secure portal for online business services. This portal is the entry point for the regulated community and consultants to electronically complete and file reports and permit applications and to pay fees.