Source Water Assessment and Protection Program

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Also known as "Wellhead Protection" and "Drinking Water Source Protection," Ohio's Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) program assists communities with protecting their sources of drinking water (streams, lakes and aquifers) from contamination. The SWAP program addresses over 4,500 public water systems in Ohio and does not address private residential water systems.

Although Ohio's public water systems treat their drinking water to meet health-based standards, treatment is expensive and may not address every kind of contaminant. By taking steps to avoid chemical spills in the areas surrounding a well field or upstream from a surface water intake, a community can help reduce the costs of their water and better ensure a safe and high-quality supply of drinking water.

Endorsed Drinking Water Source Protection Plans

For municipal systems, this involves developing a written plan that addresses the concerns to the source water. Non-municipal systems complete a checklist that is tailored to the types of potential contaminant sources identified in the system's protection area.

Accessing GIS Data, Maps, and Drinking Water Source Assessment Reports

Source Water Protection helps communities lower their risk of drinking water contamination

Source Water Protection Contacts

For more information about protecting drinking water resources in Ohio or assistance with developing a Drinking Water Source Protection Plan for ground water systems, contact SWAP staff at the appropriate District Office listed below. 

  • Northwest District Office: Ken Brock
    (419) 373-3143

If you are unsure of whom to call, or just have some general questions about drinking water protection, please call (614) 644-2752 and ask to speak with one of the Drinking Water Source Protection staff. Or, send an email to