Public Records Requests and File Reviews

Under Ohio’s public records law, citizens have the right to view upon request the public records of offices such as Ohio EPA.

Ohio’s public records law should not be confused with the Federal Freedom of Information Act, which applies to records held by federal agencies. Ohio EPA does not have a central repository for all its records. Each division within Ohio EPA and each of the five district offices houses its own files.

Therefore, more than one office may need to be contacted to obtain all applicable files on a particular issue or site. The Procedures for Public Records Requests and File Reviews fact sheet explains Ohio EPA’s file review process in more detail.

Ohio EPA's eDocument Search is designed to improve efficiency; reduce costs; and greatly improve the public's ability to access to Ohio EPA's public records from anywhere without copying costs. The system currently includes noncompliance documents issued since Jan. 1, 2007. Eventually, electronic copies of most of the Agency's public records will be available.

For more information about Ohio’s public records law, you may review Ohio Revised Code 149.43.