Jackson County

Air Pollution Control
Pontius, Katelyn General Contact (740) 380-5281
Wolfe, Aaron Asbestos and Open Burning (740) 380-5443
Rochotte, John Oil and Gas (614) 644-5262


Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention
Witte, Ralph Regulatory and Permitting Assistance (740) 380-5241


Drinking Water
Ellis, Ryan Community and Plan Review (740) 380-5282
Ellis, Ryan Non-Community (740) 380-5282
Kilbarger, Brandon Plan Review (740) 380-5421
Saines, Steve Source Water Assessment and Protection (740) 380-5445


Environmental Response and Revitalization
  Emergency Response Hotline (800) 282-9378
Selbe, Maggie Remedial Response Unit (740) 380-5444
Selbe, Maggie Voluntary Action Program/Clean Ohio Fund (740) 380-5444
Selbe, Maggie RCRA Corrective Action/Closure (740) 380-5444


Hazardous Waste Management
Selbe, Maggie General Contact (740) 380-5444


Materials and Waste Management
Anderson, Sara Inspector (740) 380-5219
Walkenspaw, Craig Engineer (740) 380-5440
Laughery, Joe Geologist (740) 380-5234


Special Investigations Unit (Criminal Investigations Only)
Mettler, Ken General Contact   (614) 728-1235


Surface Water
Poling, Emily General Contact (740) 380-5425
Walton, Christopher Pretreatment (740) 380-5447
Siegley, Carol 401/Wetland (740) 380-5225
DelValle, Alex Storm Water  (740) 380-5227

Southeast District Office

2195 Front Street
Logan, Ohio 43138
Phone: (740) 385-8501
Fax: (740) 385-6490
Latitude: 39.526     Longitude: -082.374

Non-emergency complaints

To submit a complaint or report a non-emergency environmental situation, please call 1-800-686-7330 (within Ohio) during business hours.

Media and Citizen Inquiries

Contact the Public Interest Center by phone at (614) 644-2160 or by email.
For media, email Anthony Chenault.
For citizens, email Jessica Langdon.

Counties Served

Adams, Athens, Belmont, Coshocton, Gallia, Guernsey, Harrison, Hocking, Jackson, Jefferson, Lawrence, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Perry, Pike, Ross, Scioto, Tuscarawas, Vinton, and Washington.

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