MEDIA CONTACT: Heather Lauer

Former Teasdale-Fenton Cleaners Cleared for Redevelopment

Another local brownfield is ready for redevelopment after undergoing an investigation and remediation through Ohio EPA’s Voluntary Action Program (VAP), thanks to the voluntary efforts of the city of North College Hill.

Ohio EPA has issued a covenant not to sue for the approximately 1.8-acre former dry cleaning property located at 1700-1708, 1710 and 1714 W. Galbraith Road, 6910 Mearl Ave, 6919 and 6923 Kumler Ave, North College Hill, Hamilton County.

The property has been used as a retail mall and a commercial dry cleaner. It currently houses governmental buildings and businesses.

Issuance of the covenant completes the city’s participation in the VAP. By entering the VAP, the city assumed responsibility for remediating the property. Following standards developed by Ohio EPA, the city hired a certified environmental professional to assess the site, identify any areas of concern and remediate any contamination on the property to a level that allows for commercial and industrial redevelopment.

Working with an Ohio EPA-certified professional, the city was able to identify two areas where perchloroethlyene (PCE) had contaminated the soil. After identifying the two areas, contaminated dirt was excavated and removed from the area. In addition, beneficial bacteria and potassium permanganate were injected in several places near the contamination to help speed its breakdown. The city also installed a sub-slab vapor depressurization system to prevent PCE vapors from entering buildings.

A covenant not to sue protects the property’s owners or operators and future owners from being legally responsible to the State of Ohio for further environmental investigation and remediation. This protection applies only when the property is used and maintained in accordance with the terms and conditions of the covenant.

In the 17 years since Ohio EPA issued the first covenant under VAP, nearly 7,000 acres of blighted land have been revitalized at more than 350 sites across the state.

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