For Immediate Release
October 11, 2013

Lisa Brohl, Erie County Health District Receive Ohio Lake Erie Awards;
Luckey Farmers Receives Special Recognition

Lisa K. Brohl, a former biological technician and instructor, and the Erie County General Health District are the winners of the 2013 Ohio Lake Erie Awards presented by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission (OLEC).

The commission also presented Luckey Farmers Inc., with a special recognition for its participation in a fertilizer management project to reduce nutrient loading to Lake Erie.

OLEC honors one person and one organization each year that have worked to protect and restore Lake Erie and its watershed. Since 1995, the commission has recognized 18 individuals and 18 organizations for their stewardship.

“These award recipients have shown a great commitment to protecting and promoting Lake Erie and its watershed,” said Gail Hesse, executive director of OLEC. “We commend their efforts.”

Lisa K. Brohl, is a founding member of both the Lake Erie Islands Chapter of the Black Swamp Observatory and the Put-in-Bay Township Park District. She has been instrumental in land conservation and led various projects in and around the Lake Erie Islands. Brohl successfully managed projects on land protection, environmental education and invasive species control.

The Erie County General Health District received the award for its program to monitor recreational beaches in Erie County. The health district monitors 25 public beaches four days per week during the summer season.

The Erie County Health District closely monitors harmful algal bloom conditions in the lake. It has implemented Ohio’s Harmful Algal Bloom Response Strategy locally for recreational waters, and has provided appropriate signage at public beaches and access points when needed.

Health district staff also collaborated with the Erie County Soil & Water Conservation District to identify failing household sewage treatment systems and are working with homeowners to repair or replace failing systems.

Luckey Farmers Inc. was honored for its participation in a recent project sponsored by the Conservation Action Project “Phosphorus Reduction through Variable Rate Technology.”

The purpose of the project was to demonstrate how fertilizer dealerships can provide nutrient management services to its clients while implementing nutrient management practices that reduce and incorporate fertilizer applications.

OLEC also oversees the Ohio Lake Erie Protection Fund, which is the source of grant money for projects that benefit the lake’s watershed economically and environmentally. The fund is supported by Ohioans who purchase a Lake Erie license plate displaying the Marblehead Lighthouse or Toledo Harbor Lighthouse designed by Ohio artist Ben Richmond.

OLEC was established for the purpose of preserving Lake Erie’s natural resources, protecting the quality of its waters and ecosystem, and promoting economic development in the region. The director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency serves as the commission’s chairman. Additional members include the directors of the state departments of Transportation, Health, Development, Agriculture and the Department of Natural Resources.


For more information, contact:
Gail Hesse, Ohio Lake Erie Commission
(419) 621-2040
Dina Pierce, Ohio EPA
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