CITIZEN CONTACT: Kristopher Weiss

Lorain County Company to Pay Penalty for Violating Ohio’s Air Pollution Control Laws

The Elyria Foundry Company has agreed to pay Ohio EPA a $155,000 penalty as a settlement for violating Ohio’s air pollution control laws at its iron foundry located at 120 Filbert Street in Elyria.

Through facility visits and records reviews, Ohio EPA inspectors found the company failed to properly operate pollution control equipment, comply with permitted emissions limits, conduct required visual emissions checks and stack tests at maximum capacity levels, and submit timely and complete compliance reports. The company was notified of the violations in several letters from 2007 to 2009.

Elyria Foundry Company converts scrap metal into molten iron which is then poured into sand molds to produce solid castings. The process involves the use of furnaces, mixers, a dryer and other pieces of equipment that emit pollutants and are regulated as air contaminant sources.

The settlement includes a civil penalty of $124,000 to support state and local air pollution control programs and the Ohio Environmental Education Fund, and $31,000 to Ohio EPA’s clean diesel school bus program fund.


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