MEDIA CONTACT: Heather Lauer

Ohio EPA Accepts Oversight of Award-Winning Educational Curriculum, Project WET

Ohio EPA is now coordinating the award-winning educational program, Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), throughout Ohio. This international curriculum features interactive and outdoor learning activities for students in elementary and middle school grades.

The Agency already administers Healthy Water, Healthy People, Project WET’s curriculum for upper middle and high school grades. Project WET has been administered in Ohio by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) for many years, and ODNR will continue to assist Ohio EPA in promoting the curriculum.

Both programs raise awareness and understanding of water quality issues and their relationship to personal, public and environmental health. Project WET and Healthy Water, Healthy People are both aligned with Ohio and national standards for science and social studies education, and link priority water quality topics to real-life experiences of educators and students.

Ohio EPA will offer educator workshops and facilitator trainings and continue working with advisors from ODNR, the Water Management Association of Ohio, and the Ohio Water Resources Center at Ohio State University to help facilitate and promote workshops.

For more information about the program or to be put on the list for alerts about facilitator trainings or educator workshops, contact Dennis Clement, Ohio EPA’s administrator for Project WET and Healthy Water, Healthy People, (614) 644-2048 or dennis.clement@epa.ohio.gov.


The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was created in 1972 to consolidate efforts to protect and improve air quality, water quality and waste management in Ohio. Since then, air pollutants dropped by as much as 90 percent; large rivers meeting standards improved from 21 percent to 89 percent; and hundreds of polluting, open dumps were replaced with engineered landfills and an increased emphasis on waste reduction and recycling.

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