Ohio EPA Awards $5,000 Environmental Education Mini Grant to Project Learning Tree - Ohio

Ohio EPA has awarded $5,000 to Project Learning Tree to fund six workshops about forest community issues. Fourteen environmental education mini grants were awarded statewide for $58,345.

The grant will support six regional workshops for 90 teachers on current issues affecting public and private forests in Ohio. The six themes selected by Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Forestry include:

  • fragmentation and urbanization;
  • soil and water conservation;
  • forest health;
  • forest public benefits;
  • biological diversity; and
  • sustainable forest management.

Workshop participants will help design a poster to be distributed statewide for classroom use on environmental issues impacting forests. Berkshire Local School District, ODNR Division of Forestry, USDA Wayne National Forest, Muskingum Valley Park District, and Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District are all collaborating.

The Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEEF) awards grants each year for environmental education projects targeting kindergarten through university students, the general public, and the regulated community. General grants are awarded for projects lasting up to 30 months and costing up to $50,000.

Mini grants are awarded for projects lasting up to 12 months and range from $500 and $5,000. Proposals for classroom projects, conference speakers, and other activities that are eligible under the general grant program are eligible under the mini-grant program, but the application process is streamlined.

For additional information, visit the Ohio Environmental Education Fund on the web or call (614) 644-2873.


The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was created in 1972 to consolidate efforts to protect and improve air quality, water quality and waste management in Ohio. In the past 40 years, air pollutants dropped by as much as 90 percent; large rivers meeting standards improved from 21 percent to 89 percent; and hundreds of polluting, open dumps were replaced with engineered landfills and an increased emphasis on waste reduction and recycling. Ohio EPA….40 years and moving forward.

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