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Ohio EPA Permitting Efficiency Assists Pepperidge Farm Bakery’s Expansion

Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally Touring Plant Today

Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally today toured a commercial food manufacturing plant where the efficiency of an Agency permitting process helped foster a major expansion at Pepperidge Farm, Inc. in Willard.

Ohio EPA staff issued the required permit to Pepperidge Farm in less than three months, just in time for a ground-breaking ceremony in June for a $93 million expansion project at the plant which includes the installation of a new Goldfish® cracker production line.

Ohio EPA worked with Pepperidge Farm on six separate permit applications in 2013. One of those permits was to change the oven heat source from thermal oxidizers to catalytic oxidizers, which are proposed to be installed in 2014. This will result in a significant reduction in fuel consumption, making the facility more energy efficient, and improving production with the addition of the new cracker line.

“This is an example of how Ohio EPA works with stakeholders to provide the most efficient and effective service we can,” Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally said. “As an Agency, we need to always make sure we are being environmentally protective. But we also know by being proactive in our approach, we can be more efficient in our process so we can assist business growth in our state.”

“We appreciate the support Ohio EPA has provided in getting our 227,000-square-foot extension off the ground,” said Rob Harrison, plant manager. “The expansion will see the construction of a new Goldfish® production line and is expected to create 50 new jobs in Huron County. The changes we made to our ovens to reduce fuel consumption are part of our company-wide commitment to reduce energy usage by 35 percent by 2020.”

Several months prior to the issuance of the permits, Pepperidge Farm engaged Ohio EPA to ensure the project would be in compliance with all environmental regulations. This approach benefited both parties by helping Ohio EPA understand the company’s business plans and allowing for meaningful discussion regarding the necessary permits. These open communications help Ohio EPA issue permits in a timely manner and allow the company to maintain its desired construction schedule.

Pepperidge Farm is part of the Campbell Soup Company and is based in Norwalk, Conn.


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