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CITIZEN CONTACT: Kristopher Weiss

Ohio EPA to Accept Comments on Discharge to Kokosing River

Hearing Set for Nov. 9, 2015

Ohio EPA will hold an information session and public hearing at 6 p.m. on Nov. 9, 2015, to accept comments about a draft permit for a proposed discharge to the Kokosing River. The hearing will be held at the Zolman Memorial Building, 6880 State Route 95, Chesterville Township (Morrow County).

National Lime & Stone Co. has proposed the 4 million gallon per day maximum discharge from its sand and gravel quarry located at 7250 Route 95 E., Chesterville Township. The draft permit places limits on the amount of suspended solids (rock dust) that can be discharged with the water and would require the company to measure flow rate and pH.

Ohio EPA values public input. Comments may be presented at the public meeting or submitted in writing. Verbal and written comments are given equal consideration.

To best prepare to give testimony or written comments, please note, this draft permit applies only to the quality of the proposed discharge and its effects on the Kokosing River. Ohio EPA does not have the authority to consider this facility’s possible effects on private wells or local roads.

Written comments must be received no later than Nov. 16, and sent to Ohio EPA-DSW, Permits Processing, P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216-1019 or by email to: epa.dswcomments@epa.ohio.gov.


The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was created in 1972 to consolidate efforts to protect and improve air quality, water quality and waste management in Ohio. Since then, air pollutants dropped by as much as 90 percent; large rivers meeting standards improved from 21 percent to 89 percent; and hundreds of polluting, open dumps were replaced with engineered landfills and an increased emphasis on waste reduction and recycling.

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