Ohio Water Development Authority

Funding Type: State


OWDA’s mission is to provide financial assistance for environmental infrastructure from the sale of municipal revenue bonds through loans to local governments in Ohio and from issuance of industrial revenue bonds for qualified projects in Ohio.

List of loan programs

Many of the programs are implemented in conjunction with other agencies such as Ohio EPA, USDA Rural Development, ODSA, and ODNR and are described in detail under the links for these agencies.
Community Assistance Program
http://www.owda.org/owda-doc/Program Info/NotesCA 2010May.pdf

Local government agencies may qualify for low-interest financing under the OWDA 2% Community Assistance Loan Program. The program is designed to help communities maintain affordable water and wastewater rates. To be eligible, the project can be either a water or wastewater project causing an economic hardship to the community and meeting the following criteria:
  • All communities under 5,000 in population or 2,000 residential users are eligible.
  • $3,000,000 is the maximum amount for a project from the Community Assistance Fund.
  • The projected annual cost per user must be above OEPA affordability criteria. User charges must be above 1.1% of the community’s Median Household Income (2000 Census) for drinking water projects, and above 1.5% of the community’s Median Household Income (2000 Census) for wastewater projects. The community can qualify also if the combined system user charges are 2.6% of the community’s Median Household Income (2000 Census).
If you have questions regarding qualifications for the Community Assistance Program, please contact the Chief Loan Officer.