Rules and Laws

This page is designed to allow you to access current and pending rules within our program divisions. It also includes links to rule packages which are cross program in nature.

Links to outside sites which may be of use to individuals interested in rules or the rule-making process are also included. These sites include the Register of Ohio, which contains all state agency rule proposal packages and the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, which is the legislative committee responsible for the review and processing of all state agency rules.

All State of Ohio rules and regulations are available online through LAWriter. Because the online documents may not be updated as soon as changes are made, we recommend that you follow the links below to see specific rules and regulations by division to ensure that you are referencing the most current version.

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In accordance with ORC 121.95, Ohio EPA hereby posts its base inventory of regulatory restrictions.  The agency has broken the inventory down by regulatory division.  

The base inventory for the State Emergency Response Commission is also posted:
Ohio Revised Code 3745.30 requires that Ohio EPA maintain a centralized list of all policies used to implement environmental regulations. Each Ohio EPA division is responsible for maintaining such a document which is on file in the Central Office program locations and district offices. Many of these policy and guidance documents are also available on the Internet and can be accessed through individual division or office pages within Ohio EPA’s website. The purpose of a policy is to clarify and explain specific aspects of regulations (Ohio Administrative Code, OAC) and law (Ohio Revised Code, ORC) so that Ohio EPA and external parties have a common understanding of how environmental regulations are carried out in Ohio. The policies promote consistency and provide savings of both technical and administrative staff resources when dealing with the application of rules.

Early Stakeholder Outreach
Early stakeholder outreach is the first step in Ohio EPA's rule-making process. By sharing your comments early, Ohio EPA can consider different concepts and ensure our rule development takes into account the effect the rules will have.

Mandi Payton, Ohio EPA's Rules Coordinator
Mandi provides oversight of Agency rule review and processing and acts as the primary Agency contact with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review. For questions or concerns, please email Mandi or call (614) 644-2782.





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