Remote Air Data System (RADS)

The Remote Air Data System (RADS) is a system for the automatic acquisition and transmission of continuous ambient air monitoring data from a remote monitor to a central computer. Each remote air monitoring site operated by Ohio EPA's district offices or local air agencies is furnished with a data logger that is polled automatically by the central computer in Columbus. RADS was installed during the fall of 1985 and has been in operation since Jan. 1, 1986.

RADS was recently upgraded. Pollutant data polling, as well as data reporting, are now performed from the central telemetry computer through the internet via TCP/IP. Wireless cellular modems are utilized to facilitate communications with the remote monitoring sites. This provides us with near real-time reporting and greatly improves operating efficiency over the dial-up analog technology previously employed. This also serves to cut costs in meeting our objectives to report data to the public on an hourly basis. 

RADS is the provider of Ohio's continuous ambient air monitoring data used for Air Quality Index reporting and forecasting purposes, ozone alerts and air pollutant data mapping.