Special Sampling Projects - Sunny Farm Landfill (SO2)

The Sunny Farms Landfill (SFL) is a licensed municipal waste landfill located in Seneca County, Ohio. The landfill accepts both municipal waste and construction debris for disposal. The construction debris includes wallboard comprised of gypsum. Once the wallboard is placed in the various cells in the landfill, anerobic digestion of the wallboard can begin producing hydrogen sulfide (H2S). H2S is an odorous compound and a hazardous air pollutant. SFL has a gas collection system to capture and contain the gas, where it is vented to a flare and converted to sulfur dioxide (SO2). SO2 is an air pollutant regulated under the Clean Air Act and U.S. EPA has developed specific standards to set a safe level of SO2 in the ambient air.

SFL is a major source of SO2 and has the potential to emit significant quantities of H2S. In order to monitor the emissions from the landfill, Ohio EPA has installed and operates two monitoring sites. Sunny Farms North has an SO2 monitor at a house located within the northern boundary of the landfill property. This location is roughly between the landfill flare and the City of Fostoria. Sunny Farms West has a SO2 monitor at a house west of the landfill property but not on landfill property. Both of the monitors operate continuously and produce air quality concentrations that are illustrated below. Prior to March 10, 2021, Ohio EPA also operated an H2S monitor at Sunny Farms North.

These reports present the data in "RAW" form, meaning that the data you see are exactly what was collected electronically from each pollution monitor throughout each day. It is important to remember that "RAW" data are never considered valid until verified by Ohio EPA and Local Air Agency personnel, a process that can take much more time than the nearly immediate data availability on this website. Thus, data seen here may not necessarily be "FINAL" data. Please bear in mind that what you see in these reports will not always be 100 percent accurate.

Ohio EPA has determined that it cannot ensure the accuracy of the data collected by the SO2 and H2S instruments at Sunny Farms North from August of 2020 until January of 2021. Therefore, in accordance with Ohio EPA Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities, all data for both instruments has been nullified for that time period and Ohio EPA needed to replace the instruments. A new SO2 instrument was deployed to Sunny Farms North in January of 2021 and the data is being displayed on the reports within this website.

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As of Mach 10, 2021, Ohio EPA ceased H2S monitoring at this site. Historical data from the H2S monitor is included below.


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