Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) Banking Program - Forms and Instructions

As a participant of the ERC Banking Program, you must utilize these required forms when submitting ERC generation, transfer or use requests to Ohio EPA Division of Air Pollution Control (DAPC). Submit individual forms for each facility requesting to generate, transfer or use ERCs. Complete and submit forms to the Ohio EPA ERC Banking Program coordinator. Only written notice, rather than a form, is required if you are requesting to withdrawal ERCs from the ERC Banking Program.

The forms and instructions are currently in draft format and will be finalized in the near future. Ohio EPA will accept the draft version of the below forms.

Download Forms

ERC Generation Notification and Deposit Form (ERC Form -1) [DOC]
ERC Transfer Notification Form (ERC Form - 2) [DOC]
ERC Use Notification Form (ERC Form -3) [DOC]

Download Instructions

ERC Generation Notification and Deposit Instructions for (ERC Form -1) [PDF]
ERC Transfer Notification Instructions for (ERC Form - 2) [PDF]
ERC Use Notification Instructions for (ERC Form -3) [PDF]
ERC Flow Chart [PDF]


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