General Permits - Natural Gas Compressor Stations and Similar Facilities

The following General Permits have been designed around a typical natural gas mid-stream compressor station within the gathering network leading up to the larger stations in the interstate transmission network. Compressor stations are used by the natural gas industry to pump the gas through the pipeline. In some cases, they also have equipment that removes natural gas liquids and water from the gas before it is pumped. The general permits listed below include the typical equipment found at a natural gas mid-stream compressor station.

If you are applying for general permits for a compressor station, it is important to note that you also have to submit some additional information that (1) demonstrates the project will not trip major new source review requirements, and (2) provides modeling, if necessary, to demonstrate compliance with various air quality requirements.

The additional information needed is explained in the Additional General Permit Guidance for Natural Gas Compressor Stations document.