Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Chapter 3745-104, Accidental Releases Prevention Program

Contact: Sherri Swihart (614) 644-3594

  • 3745-104-01 Definitions [PDF]
  • 3745-104-02 Threshold Determination [PDF]
  • 3745-104-03 Exemptions [PDF]
  • 3745-104-04 List of Substances [PDF]
  • 3745-104-05 Applicability [PDF]
  • 3745-104-06 General Requirements [PDF]
  • 3745-104-07 Management [PDF]
  • 3745-104-08 Hazard Assessment: Applicability [PDF]
  • 3745-104-09 Hazard Assessment: Offsite Consequence Analysis Parameters [PDF]
  • 3745-104-10 Hazard Assessment: Worst-case Release Scenario Analysis [PDF]
  • 3745-104-11 Hazard Assessment: Alternative Release Scenario Analysis [PDF]
  • 3745-104-12 Hazard Assessment: Defining Offsite Impacts - Population [PDF]
  • 3745-104-13 Hazard Assessment: Defining Offsite Impacts - Environment [PDF]
  • 3745-104-14 Hazard Assessment: Review and Update [PDF]
  • 3745-104-15 Hazard Assessment: Documentation [PDF]
  • 3745-104-16 Hazard Assessment: Five-year Accident History [PDF]
  • 3745-104-17 Program Two Prevention Program: Safety Information [PDF]
  • 3745-104-18 Program Two Prevention Program: Hazard Review [PDF]
  • 3745-104-19 Program Two Prevention Program: Operating Procedures [PDF]
  • 3745-104-20 Program Two Prevention Program: Training [PDF]
  • 3745-104-21 Program Two Prevention Program: Maintenance [PDF]
  • 3745-104-22 Program Two Prevention Program: Compliance Audits [PDF]
  • 3745-104-23 Program Two Prevention Program: Incident Investigation [PDF]
  • 3745-104-24 Program Three Prevention Program: Process Safety Information [PDF]
  • 3745-104-25 Program Three Prevention Program: Process Hazard Analysis [PDF]
  • 3745-104-26 Program Three Prevention Program: Operating Procedures [PDF]
  • 3745-104-27 Program Three Prevention Program: Training [PDF]
  • 3745-104-28 Program Three Prevention Program: Mechanical Integrity [PDF]
  • 3745-104-29 Program Three Prevention Program: Management of Change [PDF]
  • 3745-104-30 Program Three Prevention Program: Pre-startup Review [PDF]
  • 3745-104-31 Program Three Prevention Program: Compliance Audits [PDF]
  • 3745-104-32 Program Three Prevention Program: Incident Investigation [PDF]
  • 3745-104-33 Program Three Prevention Program: Employee Participation [PDF]
  • 3745-104-34 Program Three Prevention Program: Hot Work Permit [PDF]
  • 3745-104-35 Program Three Prevention Program: Contractors [PDF]
  • 3745-104-36 Emergency Response: Applicability [PDF]
  • 3745-104-37 Emergency Response Program [PDF]
  • 3745-104-38 Risk Management Plan: Submission [PDF]
  • 3745-104-39 Assertion of Claims of Trade Secret Information [PDF]
  • 3745-104-40 Substantiating Trade Secret Information [PDF]
  • 3745-104-41 Risk Management Plan: Executive Summary [PDF]
  • 3745-104-42 Risk Management Plan: Registration [PDF]
  • 3745-104-43 Risk Management Plan: Offsite Consequence Analysis [PDF]
  • 3745-104-44 Risk Management Plan: Five-year Accident History [PDF]
  • 3745-104-45 Risk Management Plan: Prevention Program/Program Two [PDF]
  • 3745-104-46 Risk Management Plan: Prevention Program/Program Three [PDF]
  • 3745-104-47 Risk Management Plan: Emergency Response Program [PDF]
  • 3745-104-48 Risk Management Plan: Certification [PDF]
  • 3745-104-49 Risk Management Plan: Updates and Required Corrections [PDF]
  • 3745-104-50 Record-keeping [PDF]
  • 3745-104-51 Availability of Information to the Public [PDF]
  • 3745-104-52 Permit Content and Air Permitting Authority or Designated
    Agency Requirements [PDF]
  • 3745-104-53 Fees [PDF]
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