Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Chapter 3745-31, Permits-to-Install New Sources and Permit-to-Install and Operate Program

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Currently Effective Rule Language


  • 3745-31-01 Definitions [PDF]
  • 3745-31-02 Applicability, Requirements and Obligations [PDF]
  • 3745-31-03 Exemptions and Permits-by-Rule [PDF]
  • 3745-31-04 Applications [PDF]
  • 3745-31-05 Criteria for Decision by the Director [PDF]
  • 3745-31-06 Completeness Determinations, Processing Requirements, Public Participation, Public Notice and Issuance [PDF]
  • 3745-31-07 Termination, Revocation, Expiration, Renewal, Revision and Transfer [PDF]
  • 3745-31-08 Registration Status Permit-to-Operate [PDF]
  • 3745-31-09 Variances on Operation [PDF]
  • 3745-31-10 NSR Projects at Existing Emissions Units at a Major Stationary Source [PDF]
  • 3745-31-11 Attainment Provisions - Ambient Air Increments, Ceilings and Classifications [PDF]
  • 3745-31-12 Attainment Provisions - Data Submission Requirements [PDF]
  • 3745-31-13 Attainment Provisions - Review of Major Stationary Sources and Major Modifications, Stationary Source Applicability and Exemptions [PDF]
  • 3745-31-14 Attainment Provisions - Pre-application Analysis [PDF]
  • 3745-31-15 Attainment Provisions - Control Technology Review [PDF]
  • 3745-31-16 Attainment Provisions - Major Stationary Source Impact Analysis [PDF]
  • 3745-31-17 Attainment Provisions - Additional Impact Analysis [PDF]
  • 3745-31-18 Attainment Provisions - Air Quality Models [PDF]
  • 3745-31-19 Attainment Provisions - Notice to the United States Environmental Protection Agency [PDF]
  • 3745-31-20 Attainment Provisions - Innovative Control Technology [PDF]
  • 3745-31-21 Nonattainment Provisions - Review of Major Stationary Sources and Major Modifications - Stationary Source Applicability and Exemptions [PDF]
  • 3745-31-22 Nonattainment Provisions - Conditions for Approval [PDF]
  • 3745-31-23 Nonattainment Provisions - Stationary Sources Locating in Designated Clean or Unclassifiable Areas Which Would Cause or Contribute to a Violation of a National Ambient Air Quality Standard [PDF]
  • 3745-31-24 Nonattainment Provisions - Baseline for Determining Credit for Emission and Air Quality Offsets [PDF]
  • 3745-31-25 Nonattainment Provisions - Location of Offsetting Emissions [PDF]
  • 3745-31-26 Nonattainment Provisions - Offset Ratio Requirements [PDF]
  • 3745-31-27 Nonattainment Provisions - Administrative Procedures for Emissions Offsets [PDF]
  • 3745-31-28 Review of Major Stationary Sources of Hazardous Air Pollutants Requiring MACT Determinations [PDF]
  • 3745-31-29 General Permit-to-Install and General PTIO [PDF]
  • 3745-31-30 Rescinded as of May 29, 2014
  • 3745-31-31 Rescinded as of May 29, 2014
  • 3745-31-32 Plant-wide Applicability Limit [PDF]
  • 3745-31-33 Site Preparation Activities Prior to Obtaining a Final Permit-to-Install or PTIO [PDF]
  • 3745-31-34 Permits-to-Install for Major Stationary Sources and Major Modifications of Sources Emitting Greenhouse Gases [PDF]

Historic Rule Versions

The Permit-to-Install rules govern the permitting of new sources of air pollution within the State of Ohio. The documents linked above on this page are the currently effective versions of the rules. To view versions of the above rules for historic reference, go here

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