The Ohio Tributaries to the Shenango River (PA)

Ohio tributaries to the Shenango RiverPymatuning, Yankee and Little Yankee creeks, all tributaries to the Shenango River in Pennsylvania, are located in northeastern Ohio. Pymatuning Creek flows into the Shenango River, just across the Pennsylvania border. The Pymatuning Reservoir is an impounded section of Shenango River. Shenango Lake is also an impounded section of the Shenango River that creates backwaters for the lower 1.9 miles of Pymatuning Creek. The streams drain a total of 1,085 square miles in Ohio and flow through all or part of seven counties. Major municipalities partially or fully in the watershed include Youngstown, Masury, Orangeville and Andover.

The watershed is a mixture of forest, cultivated crops and pasture and hay lands, with urban development in the southern portion of the watershed.

The federally endangered clubshell mussel, Pleurobema clava, has been found in Pymatuning Creek (see study plan).

Pymatuning Creek is a low gradient wetland stream. The stream is not known to exhibit visible surface flow, and riffle/run/pool complexes were rare in the last survey. Pymatuning State Park obtains its drinking water from the Shenango River (Pymatuning Reservoir).

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection completed a TMDL to address impairments in the Pennsylvania portions of the watershed. The TMDL is available at


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Three subwatersheds of the Shenango River were studied in 2008, as follows:

  • 05030102 01        Pymatuning Reservoir-Shenango River
  • 05030102 03        Pymatuning Creek
  • 05030102 06        Yankee Run-Shenango River

TMDL Report

The TMDL report is in preparation.

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