Glass Recycling

Ohio EPA is committed to supporting and implementing strategies that strengthen glass recycling programs across the state that can create a competitive advantage for Ohio manufacturers. We are targeting new glass and creating positive solutions for Ohio’s solid waste management districts and communities to better manage their glass.

Ohio EPA has committed up to $1 million to recover more recycled glass and implement a voluntary bar and restaurant recycling program statewide. Bars and restaurants offer the opportunity to collect large quantities of glass separately or as part of a single stream collection at relatively low per ton costs. Currently, there are a number of programs in the state that target this material.

The following strategies were developed in conjunction with industry and public stakeholders as a result of the 2011 Ohio Glass Recycling Study Final Report. Implementing these strategies will benefit Ohio’s environment, save energy and our natural resources and grow Ohio’s economy.

  • Expansion of single stream (60,000 tons)
  • Voluntary glass recycling programs for bars and restaurants (53,000 tons)
  • Source separated collection of glass drop-off locations (14,400 tons)


  • Establish nine regional Glass Act Recovery Centers that are linked to glass processors.


  • Expand infrastructure capacity to recover more glass in targeted areas of the state.
  • Create Glass Act recycling drop-offs, co-located in existing drop-off areas.


  • Target grant opportunities for Ohio communities and local businesses. Ohio EPA will fund up to $1 million in grants to start and/or expand glass container recycling in bars, restaurants and hotels in Ohio.
  • Grants can be used for indoor and outdoor collection containers for bars, restaurants or hotels looking to start a recycling program. Collection vehicles and collaborations to increase/improve route densities would be eligible grant activities.

Education (Public/Private)

  • Ohio EPA provides seed money for two years to start a statewide education/promotion campaign to encourage glass recycling. After two years, campaign will be driven by industry.
  • Ohio EPA would collaborate with industry to develop how-to toolkits for bars, restaurants and hotels wanting to start a recycling program.


  • Owens Corning
  • Owens Illinois
  • Johns Manville
  • Rumpke Glass
  • Strategic Materials Inc.
  • Dlubak Glass
  • Ohio Mulch
  • LICO
  • Ohio Restaurant Association
  • Ohio Licensed Beverage Association
  • Ohio Wholesale Beer & Wine Association
  • Ohio Soft Drink Association
  • Hospitality Industry (hotels, motels, convention centers, casinos)
  • Haulers (independents, traditional, non-traditional)


  • Ohio EPA
  • City of Columbus
  • Ohio Solid Waste Management Districts
  • Miami University


Butler County Solid Waste District

The Butler County Solid Waste District installed a 36-yard glass only drop-off container at the Miami University Police Station parking lot for use by the general public and Oxford area restaurants and bars. The new glass only unit is located next to the single stream drop boxes to encourage the public to separate their glass from their other recyclable materials. There is a high level of awareness that this location is Oxford’s recycling destination. The district believes that the Oxford community will increase glass diversion in Butler County, capturing up to 10 tons per month in the glass recycling roll off. Rumpke provides service on a weekly or every other week basis.

The District and Rumpke will enter into a three-year service agreement for transportation and hauling of glass to Rumpke’s glass processing facility in Dayton, at no cost to the Butler County SWD.

Beginning in the fall of 2013, District Coordinator Anne Fiehrer Flaig began meeting with several property management companies that house hundreds of Miami University students in Oxford, Ohio. The purpose of those meetings was to determine how the district could assist the apartment complex’s with creating a new or expanding an existing recycling program. The district was able to provide educational materials to the students occupying the apartments such as flyers and magnets.

Since those discussions, 559 apartment units have new recycling services and services were expanded at 306 apartment units. The district is currently assisting an apartment complex in Hamilton, Ohio, with 154 units with developing a recycling program. (Total grant award = $8,797.80)

  • Fox & Hounds
  • Miami Village
  • Campus Commons
  • Courtyards of Miami
  • Hawks Landing
  • Sundance Property Management Properties
  • Oxford West Apartments
  • Level 27
  • Bravo Cucina
  • The Dingle House
  • Mitchell’s Fish Market

City of Columbus

The City of Columbus is implementing a voluntary bar and restaurant glass recycling initiative in partnership with the Short North Alliance and Capitol Crossroads Special Improvement District and Ohio EPA. The program is piloting up to 40 Columbus bars and restaurants that face High Street from Broad Street north to Lane Avenue.

The city reached out to the establishment owners to educate them about the importance of glass recycling. The materials being targeted are glass bottles and some aluminum cans. For the 40 restaurants and bars it is expected that 1,500 tons of material will be diverted from landfills within a year. (Total grant award = $37,500)

  • Arch City Tavern
  • Bakersfield
  • Barley's Brewing Company
  • Bodega Gastropub
  • Brothers Drake
  • Da Levee
  • Donatos Pizza and Pub (campus location)
  • Ethyl and Tank
  • Hampton Inn
  • Hilton Columbus Downtown
  • House Beer
  • Hubbard Grille
  • Japanese Steak House
  • Kingmakers
  • La Fogata Grill
  • Late Night Slice
  • Lemongrass fusion bistro
  • Level Dining Lounge
  • Local Bar
  • Melt Bar and Grilled
  • Midway High Bar & Grill
  • Mikes Grill
  • Newport Music Hall
  • Nida's Thai on High
  • North High Brewing
  • Pint House Beer Garden
  • Plaza Mexican Grill
  • Rigsby’s
  • Short North Stage
  • Short North Tavern
  • Surly Girl Saloon
  • Two Fish Bistro
  • Whits Frozen Custard

Columbus Downtown Development Commission

The Columbus Downtown Development Commission partnered with the City of Columbus through the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Stewardship. The Department of Recreation & Parks received funding for a recycling equipment leasing program. The program was piloted at the Columbus Commons Park in downtown Columbus.

The city will purchase an additional set of equipment to lease to community groups holding events in city parks. (Total grant award = $15,829)

Hamilton County Solid Waste District

The Hamilton County Solid Waste District expanded its existing Bar and Restaurant Recycling Program, which was established in 2009. The district’s data has shown that glass recycling has increased approximately 200 percent with the assistance of this program, equating to 52 tons per month of glass being diverted to recycling from this sector.

The district used grant funds to purchase durable glass recycling containers and promote the availability of the assistance program. Hamilton County SWD staff offers face-to-face technical advice and troubleshooting to develop a sustainable long-lasting recycling plan for the restaurant or bar. In addition, the district offers containers to handle glass and cardboard. Previously, the district designed a decal to make customers aware of the commitment an establishment has made toward recycling. The restaurant or bar can place a simple recycling decal at the entrance or in another prominent location similar to the labels used by the Better Business Bureau. (Total grant award = $15,000)

  • American Legion Post 123
  • Andy’s Cafe
  • Aquarius Star
  • Arnold’s Bar and Grill
  • Bacall’s Café Below Zero Lounge Chameleon Club
  • Chicago Gyros Clifton Meadows Cliqq and Sip Coffee Emporium
  • College Hill Coffee Co. and Casual Gourmet The Comet Deep India
  • Dive Bar Drunken Bento FB Findlay Market Grammer's
  • Great American Ball Park
  • Hooligans Iris Book Café and Gallery iZen Bento
  • kaZe King Wok of Cincinnati Know Theatre of Cincinnati Launch Lavomati
  • Local 127 Longworth's The Loving Hut Mac's Pizza Pub — Clifton MadTree Brewing Co. Mainstay Rock Bar Maki Express Marty’s Hops and Vines Mayday Melt Eclectic Deli
  • Molly Malones
  • MOTR Pub Northside Tavern Park+Vine Queen City Cookies Salazar Restaurant & Bar Scene Ultra Lounge Sidewinder Coffee Shop Thai Express
  • Tom + Chee Tonic on Fourth Uncle Mo's Café
  • Venice on Vine Via Vite Washington Platform Western Hills Fraternal Order of Eagles
  • Bonbonerie
  • City BBQ–Hyde Park
  • Dream Dinners — Anderson Towne Center
  • Eli's BBQ Essencha Tea House
  • Green Dog Café
  • Latitudes Café and Martini Bar
  • Lebo's Sports Grill
  • Nectar
  • R.P. McMurphy’s Salem Gardens Verde Salad & More
  • Bilog Cafe Bar & Gelateria
  • DiStasi Restaurant and Banquet Center at 400 Dream Dinners — Blue Ash Gabby’s Café JW's Sports Café Peg's Pub THE UNDERGROUND The Veg Head Bayou Fish House - Price Hill Champions Bar and Grill
  • Charles F Gailey VFW Post
  • Dream Dinners — I-74 and Harrison Ave
  • Heid’s Bowling Lanes Primavista Triple Cats Bar & Grille Vinoklet Winery The Wedge Inn
  • Western Hills Country Club

Huron County Solid Waste Management District and Christie Lane Industries (CLI), Inc.

The Huron County Solid Waste Management District and Christie Lane Industries (CLI), Inc. expanded their existing small business and marina recycling program through the purchase of a more efficient collection truck, as well as cart tippers and conveying equipment to be used at their material recovery facility.

Along with the new equipment and the ability of collecting and marketing the material in tri-mix form,CLI Inc. will increase glass recycling by 50 tons per year with the assistance of this program. CLI, Inc. in cooperation with the Huron County Solid Waste District will promote the availability of the glass recycling program and provide technical advice and troubleshooting to sustain a long-lasting recycling plan for their customer base.

In addition to the solid waste district, CLI, Inc. will partner with the Huron County Chamber of Commerce and contract with their new end market, Strategic Materials, Inc., located in Cleveland, Ohio. (Total grant award = $36,000)

Logan County Solid Waste District

The Logan County Solid Waste District constructed and will operate a glass drop-off depot, located at the district’s material recovery facility. The Glass Depot was constructed alongside an existing loading dock and dispatch area.

The transport containers will be approximately twice the size of current configuration with the intention of halving the number of trips to the end-user location.

A private contractor is being used to move the full containers to the marketplace. (Total grant award = $72,000)

Miami County

Miami County established a bar and restaurant recycling program and provided a dedicated glass only roll-off container for the county processing facility. Miami County SWMD will increase glass recycling by 50 tons per year with the assistance of this program. Miami County purchased a glass only roll-off container and several durable glass recycling containers.

County staff offers face-to-face technical advice and troubleshooting to develop a sustainable long-lasting recycling plan for the restaurant or bar. In addition, Miami County offers and provides interior collection containers to handle glass and cardboard. Also, advertising will be purchased through the branding of window decals and coasters.

Upon accepting the decal for display, the business will agree to semi-annual check-ins by the county to ensure the business continues to recycle. (Total grant award = $16,664.65)

Rumpke of Ohio

Rumpke of Ohio purchased and installed an innovative glass pre-cleaning system for the Cincinnati material recovery facility that prepares the glass for final processing at the Dayton glass processing facility by significantly reducing paper labels, trash and other contaminants from the material. (Total grant award = $250,000)

Wyandot County Solid Waste District

The Wyandot County Solid Waste District received a grant to purchase a new roll-off truck with two roll-off containers to be utilized for the collection, transportation and processing of glass recyclables within the county. In addition, the district purchased small business glass recycling containers, as well as educational material for these businesses on glass recycling.

The overall goal of the project is to redesign and expand upon the glass recycling program that already exists within Wyandot County, making it a sustainable program for the future. (Total grant award = $142,238)

Recycling and Litter Prevention Grants
Stevens, April Environmental Manager (614) 705-1147
Barnett, Marie Grants Administrator (614) 728-0043
Foulkes, Dave Environmental Specialist 3 (614) 644-3118
Limbert, Travis Grants Coordinator (614) 644-2827


Solid Waste District Coordinators and Policy Committee Chairpersons