Storm Water Management Workshop

Series of six workshops coordinated by OCAPP

Workshop #1 — Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping for storm water program managers and service departments

Sept. 20, 2007


Ohio EPA Northeast District Office, 2110 E. Aurora Road, Twinsburg, OH

Hosted by Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP), Ohio EPA
Presented by Bramhall Engineering and Surveying Co., Ohio EPA, and URS Corp.

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Preparing a Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping Plan for Maintenance Yards Jay Mosley, URS Corp.
Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping Program for Other Municipal Operations and Surveying Company
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Carl Orban, Bramhall Engineering
Hazardous Waste at Maintenance Yards Karen Nesbit, Division of Hazardous Waste Management, Ohio EPA
Solid Waste Issues at Maintenance Yards: Open Dumping, Tires, Animal Carcasses, Composting and Infectious Waste
List of Handouts [PDF]
Scott Winkler/John Schmidt, Division of Solid and Infectious Waste Management, Ohio EPA
Summary: What to Expect During an Audit of Your PPGHP
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Dan Bogoevski, Division of Surface Water, Ohio EPA