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Urban Setting Designations

When developing the VAP regulations, Ohio EPA recognized that many brownfield properties are located in highly urbanized areas which rely on community water systems to supply residents with safe drinking water. In those areas, ground water that contains chemicals from prior industrial or commercial activities poses no perceptible risk to the community because the ground water is not being used and will not be used for drinking water purposes in the foreseeable future. In these situations, an Urban Setting Designation (USD) may be appropriate.

A USD recognizes that cleaning up the ground water to drinking water standards is not necessary because no one will be drinking the ground water. Other possible exposures to contaminated ground water (such as exposures to wildlife or streams in the area) still must be addressed even when a USD is granted for an area.

County-wide USD Maps

Large-scale county maps are available for download for counties that contain Urban Setting Designation (USD) areas. These maps are in PDF format and produced at a size of 11 X 17 inches. The resolution is sufficient to zoom into the map to see the areal extents of USD Areas, however, the resolution may not be sufficient to determine the exact location of a USD boundary line. If the property of interest is close to a USD boundary, please contact Sydney Poole at Sydney.Poole@epa.ohio.gov for a smaller scale map.

Download USD Spreadsheet

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